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Financial Products

  1. Financial Assessment
    Assure all expenses and revenues are being accounted for properly. Then provide a financial strategy going forward. Some strategies could include a recommendation of upgrading, redesigning, or moving from cash to accrual accounting.
  2. Basic Accounting Training
    Help the accounting team better understand operational and financial strategies. Guidance on accounting for expenses and revenues with process and procedures in place.
  3. Monthly Reporting
    Set up process and procedures on closing the books in a timely and accurate manner. This will facilitate a pain free audit at year end.
  4. Accounting Staffing
    Maximize the personnel in place to accomplish the new financial strategy. Recommendation will be provided for the proper head count for the accounting team. Cross-training is crucial for a small to medium size business due to head count.
  5. Cash Forecast
    Cash is king. EFA holds this statement in high regards because at the end of the day cash is crucial to small and medium size businesses. Cash forecasting is very important to the life of a company. Procedures would be implemented to assure cash is monitored on a daily basis.
  6. Controls
    The most important aspect of accounting is keeping controls in place to ensure accuracy and profitability. We set up a comprehensive policies to ensure all employees are aware of the companies business practices. Accounting team will be mostly affected by these controls.